An open letter to the one I was once truly attached to
An open letter to the one I was once truly attached to

Dear you who I was once truly attached to,

   Now though you're happy in my absence, It's been more than 40 days and 40x24 hours without you. I hope you haven't missed me the way you used to tell me. It seems you are happy with the person you love.

    No, I don't have any problem. It's just that it's too difficult to accept that the person who used to tell me "I love you", now is telling the same to someone else. Hi hi, strange... waah...fine.
   I don't know when and how we fell apart, from sharing the closest bond to the broken one, there were lots of dreams remaining in the words only. 

   Do you remember the way you used to take care of me, the way you used to scold for not having a proper diet? I hope you do but maybe for someone else.

   Can I ask you something, if you had no intentions of love why say I love you? 
   Trust me I was not in love but then your efforts were enough to make me feel. I started falling for you. Your smile, your love your hugs were the most priceless things for me. 

   You may think I was not in love so I can forget it easily. But trust me with time I had been attached to you. I didn't know how you can fall for another person at the same time. Maybe it was only words for you but for me, it was something more than dreams.
   I guess as they said to Simba, "Life's not fair. " And so can't just put the blame on you. I had been in love, before. I had seen the repercussions myself.

   I still chose to be with you, initially thinking no strings attached. But as days passed, and we finally thought we were going to be something more than just friends, I believed it. And that's where I went insane.

   We lived. We laughed. We had a life I guess nobody ever thought I deserved. You were a living illusion to my total path of darkness. You drew me in with the tickling moments of jealousy.

   You put me in awe with words I never heard someone say for me before. Damn, yes. Words. That's where I always lose myself into. 
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   You know all I got to trust are words and you used the best weapon finding me in the most vulnerable self. I trusted you. My fault. I believed you forever. My bad.

Okay! goodbye, take care.

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