An Open Letter to an Introvert Person

Dearest introvert,

     Hey, we can manage this with a smile and skipping the small talks. But I know. I know, your eyes want to speak but you can't find any words. And it's fine.

An open letter to an introvert person

Another tough day it was, wasn't it? It has been so difficult to prepare yourself to get ready and look at the crowd as if you're gazing at a shiny sun. The world is so. Full of life, isn't it?
    And there you are, standing in the middle of everything, with a reserved identity.

It's been weird I know, to practice every speech in mind, to stand in front of a mirror and observe how do you appear in Infront of the world. And which language do you speak? Calling someone or receiving a call is a nightmare we can't live with.
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You can't help gazing outside the window and finding solace in the chirping of birds. The shades of the sky matter to you more than your mate's new red t-shirt.
   And when the wind blows while you take a seat near the window of the bus, you can't help feeling like being in a sad movie as a protagonist. Your mind creates a dream place you wish you had in reality.

Sometimes, it's too much to wake up. And at times, you seek solitude rather than a company. It takes a lot to open up. You think your voice sounds like an irritating horn or a joke in a circus where the audience would already start to laugh at your appearance. But, if you would look me in eyes, I'd tell you, all of this is not the way we think it is.

An open letter to an introvert person

And let me tell you, there's nothing more attractive than the way you talk about your dreams which revolve in the cupboard of your mind and those fantasies that you've weaved for a long time.
   It's beautiful when you stop in the middle of the road just to point out the clouds taking shapes of different things. It's adorable when you talk about your imaginary friend. They do make sense to me. To us.

So, if you'd wish to open your window and find me standing outside, don't think twice to wave at me. Maybe we won't have anything interesting to talk at first, but we'll travel in our stories after a while. And, it will all make sense. To me. To you. To us.

--someone like you.

---Thank You---


   So guys, how is this, please let me know in the comment box and if you like this please share it with your dear and near ones. 

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