An open letter to my ex-best friend's boyfriend

An open letter to my ex-best friend's boyfriend

Dear Stranger,

   I have heard a lot of things about you. I have heard that you love her the way she wanted to be loved, you care for her the way she always dreamt to be cared for. I have heard that you're cooking delicious food for her too.

   No, I don't have any problem. It's like neither I'm blaming you for loving her. It's just that I never got to understand suddenly why she left me. (# An open letter to my ex-best friend's boyfriend)

   I asked her many times and she always gave me excuses for workload, study, and family problems and I never doubted on her until I saw her broad smile while holding your hand the other day.
   Sense her insecurities and doubts and make her feel that she is special. Because she indeed is. I was the closest she was ever to someone, and now that she finds the same in you, I feel a part of you must be similar to a part of me.

---Thank You---
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