Emotional Short Story in Real Life in 2020

Dear brother,

         Probably it has been 9 months. I don't even remember the exact date and time when you left me all alone in this universe.
   I never got a chance to tell how much I love you. Maybe now I don't know whether you know or not. But I scream when I miss you. I shout when I reminisce about our childhood memories.
   I have changed. The kid inside me has turned in to an emotionally broken person...

   While checking up your cupboard today. I found your yellow t-shirt. Do you remember the t-shirt?
    I guess you don't. But trust me that day when I saw you in that shirt, you were looking too handsome.

   And now see the irony, I have the t-shirt but not you. I burst into tears on realizing this but wiped them out. Because I thought mom will be broken seeing me like this...

Emotional Short Story in Real Life in 2020

   You know, I have changed. Your Doremon has changed into a mature person.
   But you know I have stopped believing in God. I have stopped believing in love too. Because I believe when we love someone more than anything else in this world then God takes that person away...

   Sometimes, I become silent, numb when I think about you. I miss our fights, I don't have anyone who can hug me and tell me that I'm the best girl in the universe.

   I lost you. I tried several times to say you how much you mean to me but I failed to express my emotions. This world looks so unsafe without you...

Emotional moment

   I don't know if this letter will reach you or not. I don't know you will know how much I love you or not. But I will always have hope for you to come back. I will always have hope I get you again in my life.

   I miss you...love you, take care.
I miss you

---Thank You---


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