Yoga, Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga
          The word Yoga comes from the root word 'YUJ' in Sanskrit, it literally means union, and in this context refers to the union of the individual's soul with the universal soul. Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life as well as a system of exercises that encourages the union of mind, body, and spirit. It is the best exercise for gaining the correct posture.

History of Yoga:

          The oral transmission of the Holy Book and the secretive nature of its teachings have many places of uncertainty and uncertainty in the history of Yoga. The early writings on yoga were written on fragile rhythms that were easily damaged, destroyed or lost. The development of Yoga can be traced back to 5000 years, but some researchers think that Yoga can be as old as 10,000 years. The long rich history of Yoga can be divided into four major periods of innovation, practice, and development. read more

General Benefits of Yoga

          The benefits of Yoga are extensive. Not only does yoga affect the physical aspect of the body, but it also addresses the mind and spirit as well. Daily exercise is a great way to help relieve the stress of your day and can bring a sense of well-being to your life.

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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  • Amazing Benefits of a  Physical Level:
1. Improves the Functions of Muscles

          Yogasanas or Yoga Postures involves the controlled contraction and relaxation(stretching) of specific muscle groups. This contraction and relaxation of the muscle group improve circulation and tone the muscles. A counter posture or yogasanas is used to work the opposite muscle group to bring about a balance.

2. Improves Stability & Flexibility of Joints

          These exercises stretch & relax various ligaments & tendons in our body which help to improve circulation to the bones, muscles, ligaments & tendons. This helps to improve the flexibility of ligaments & tendons which ultimately lead to strongly supported & flexible joints. This not only gives you a good posture in your day to day activities but can be the best preventive measure to avoid injuries to muscles & joints due to sudden impact or action or strain.

3. Improves Posture & Functions of Individual Body Parts

          While practicing Yoga postures, we concentrate on the anatomy & physiology of that part of the body which is in-action or going to get affected. This helps in the integration of the mind with the body. By visualization of our body inside out, we can detect any postural or functional defect in that part. This helps to diagnose present problems or the effect of problems from the past or even future health problems of our body. In short, you can be your own 'Diagnostic Aid' with the help of Yoga.

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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4. Protects Our Spine

           Yoga postures help by giving gentle stretching or traction, torsion& relaxation to our vertebral joints(joints in the spinal bones called vertebrae). This helps to improve circulation in muscles & ligaments supporting our spinal column & intervertebral disc (cushions in between our vertebrae). We also achieve a good posture & good protection from possible spinal problems due to temporary & prolonged improper postures or any sudden action or impact on the spine. Certain Yoga postures like Marjarasan (Cat posture) provide exercise exclusively to our spine & improve functions of the spine.

5. Enhances Functions of Internal Organs & Glands

          Yoga postures not only tone up our external muscles but also help to relax, revitalize & tone our core muscles & internal organs. Practicing Yoga postures with a focus on our internal organs & glands definitely improves circulation which results in the cleansing of organs, improvement in their cellular metabolism & functions. This leads to a healthy body with good immunity. Yoga is quite as popular as 'Therapy' for many systemic & functional diseases. We can correct some health problems with the help of an expert Yoga Therapist.

6. Protects & Improves Alignment of Hormonal Axis in Women

          In women, Yoga helps for alignment of the hormonal axis i.e. interdependent functions of Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Gland, Ovaries & Uterus. Any imbalance in this axis leads to menstrual & procreative malfunction in a woman.

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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7. Guidance about Effective Utilization of our Energy

          Improper postures, stiff joints & muscles, lack of circulation & poor performance of skeleton & internal organs are the main causes of wastage of physical energy. We hardly realize but just working in improper postures for a long time snatches part of our energy. If we can conserve this loss of energy, we can work with far better physical & mental performance. Yes, our physical stresses affect our intellectual & emotional performance to a large extent. Yoga provides guidance to improve our body postures & physiological functions which help to improve our physical performances & also save our energy.

8. Acts as a Rejuvenator on a Cellular Level

          When we are under stress, our body functions are accelerated which increases wear & tear of cells unnecessarily. While practicing Yoga, the stretching & relaxation of muscles along with gentle massage to internal organs help to release hormones inducing pleasure & relaxation in the body. Our body releases more toxins & absorbs more oxygen which improves energy levels & functions of organs. Yoga also helps to calm our nervous activity & provides relaxation to internal organs. On the whole, Yoga helps in the rejuvenation of our cells and the overall effect of this practice results in a 'healthy, youthful and energetic personality'.

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

  • Benefits of a Mental Level:

1. Helps to Control Harmful Emotional Surges & Impulses

          As we discussed above, our physical problems affect mental performance. This is also true vice versa. Status of our mind-health affects our body functions to a large extent. This is what we call 'Psycho-somatic effect' or effect of the mind on the body.

   If we can handle our emotions & impulses better then we can achieve good physical health too. Yoga guides us to achieve this complete health status called 'Holistic Health'.

   Yoga helps us to handle stressful situations better & that is why all Business - gurus recommended Yoga to improve the psychological health of employers & employees.

2. Improves Intellectual Functions

         Yoga improves concentration and comprehension. While practicing Yoga postures, Pranayam (breath regulation technique) & Meditation we learn to integrate our body & mind. This also increases awareness about the world inside our bodies. 

   We learn to acknowledge our own physical & mental status while practicing Yoga & this helps as a diagnostic guide for our own body & mind problems.

Some Yoga Poses:

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga, Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga, Benefits of Yoga


   By this article, I think you all guys understand, what is Yoga and its benefits in our life. So, guys, I suggest you please do yoga on a daily basis and then notice your health. I promise you your health will be changed and be better than previous. 

Thank you...🙏🙏🙏

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