What is a Protege or a Mentee

Protege or Mentee : 

          A Protege is the recipient of the guidance of the mentor and to expand his or her skills, be open and accepting in new ways of teaching, and have a sense of personal responsibility for the mentor relationship and its own growth and development. He is also called Mentee.

What is a Protege or a Mentee

Synonym of Mentee:


Antonym of Mentee:


Protege/ Mentee's Responsibilities:

          Mentee's have some responsibility such as : 
  • Be committed to expanding his/ her capabilities

  • Be open and receptive to new ways of learning

  • Be open to feedback

  • Feel the personal responsibility of the mentoring relationship: Take ownership

  •  Follow through on development plans and coaching for your own development and development

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Qualities of a Good Mentee:

          To be a good mentee you must need these qualities...
  • Asks questions

  • Willing to be mentored

  • Strives to give his/her best at all times

  • Accepts criticism graciously

  • Learns from mistakes

  • Has the courage to try new things

  •  Accepts responsibilities

  • Open and honest

  • Respectful and grateful

  • Listens, watches, learns, grows

What is a Protege or a Mentee


Why be a Good Mentee:

          You have to be a good Mentee because :
  • Have an ally to help you through many hurdles

  • Benefit from another person's experiences

  • Opens networks that would otherwise be closed

  • Life-long help with career advancement

  • Practice for being a good mentor

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Benefits to Mentees may include: 

  • Developing new skills

  • Identifying areas for professional growth

  • More strategic career planning

  • Gaining or increasing knowledge of organizational culture, structure, and processes

  • Access to new networks and contacts

  • Finding new ways to approach old problems

  • Increased confidence in abilities 

  • Enhanced career opportunities

What is a Protege or a Mentee

A Final Word...

          However, having a good and productive mentee relationship with the right person will give you both huge benefits. If you think this will be helpful to your reading and development, then it is best to spend time finding the right mentor.


          That's all about Mentee. I hope you will understand and now you have a brief idea about itSo friends how is this article, if you have any doubts about any part of the menteeplease do comment in the comment box💬  and if you like this article then please share it with your dear and near ones.

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