What is Mentoring

     The task of acting as a guide to somebody, especially a junior colleague, or the system of appointing mentors.


1. What is Mentoring?

2. Synonym & Antonym of Mentor:

3. Who is a Mentor?

4. What is the mentor's responsibility?

5. Qualities of a good mentor:

6. Why be a good mentor?

7. Benefits of mentoring:

8. Conclusion.


What is Mentoring?

     Mentoring is...
  • a means of developing human resources

  • About learning to lead others in personal pursuits

  • a stimulation journey of self-discovery and development which provides opportunities for personal fulfillment and achievement

  • a basic form of human development where one person invests time, energy and personal knowledge - how to help the other person's growth and power

  • a method of encouraging human growth

Synonym & Antonym of Mentor:





Who is a Mentor?

          A mentor is a special kind of helper who works with others in a positive, constructive way so that both the mentor and mentee have the potential to grow through the relationship.

          A Mentor is thus a learning leader who facilitates the learning process for a Protege(his mentee):

         Promotes intentional learning through multi-channels: transformational learning, beyond the day to day.

         Coaching, insights, sharing own experiences(anecdotes and personal scenarios), guidance, modeling, stimulates individual growth, encourages thought-provoking opportunities that help develop a personal vision, helps protege identify his personal winning strategy, elicits a high commitment to personal change and development
  • Opens doors to learning opportunities when possible and appropriate

  • Provides Protege exposure to broad networks

         It provides a broader view (than the manager)thus creating a path for the future of the protege.

          Even though a person has some information on how to conduct his life and most importantly carry out a business, but he may need the wisdom and guidance of a mentor to give the right direction and vision. Mentoring can help improve productivity, build a better business relationship and help retain staff.

          A mentor will be your reliable sounding board, provides advice and guidance to help you overcome challenges, and even give you emotional support in those dark times. Mentors can help you identify your strengths and weakness. Remembers that mentors are not consultants. They usually don't charge any fee. Their motive is non-financial but humanitarian.

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What is the Mentor's Responsibility?

         Mentors should have some responsibility for their mentees.
  • Career support by encouraging challenging and growth opportunities (horizontal career moves)

  • Emotional support: encouragement, recognition, feedback, coaching

  • Support for short term and/or long term planning

  • Access to learning opportunities, resources, and networking

  • Keeps the protege on the right track to avoid aimless detours

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Qualities of a Good Mentor

          To be a good mentor, you should have some qualities:

1. Be a Role Model :
          The mentor is required to be a role model for his mentee. The mentor should imbibe such qualities in him that his mentee can look up to him.

2. Authentic:

          The mentor "practices" what he "preaches". A good mentor will not only tell you what the best approach is, but is utilizing the approach himself. He doesn't send you in one direction while he goes another saying, "you have to learn the hard way."

3. Personally Involved:

          The mentor should take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. He should get to know you, how you work, what your goals are, what your strengths and weakness are, and any other pertinent information that you(the mentee) believe to be relevant.

4. Listens:

          A good mentor really listens to your concerns and is not interested in making the conversation worthwhile. You shouldn't have any list of items on your consultant's day sheet. He knows your current projects by name and will be able to ask you, at first, how things are going.

5. Assumes You're Great:

          A good mentor does not assume that you are a loser just because you are coming to him for advice. He recognizes that you have a talent and successful already, (otherwise, you would not be able to afford his fee!). At the very least, he should see your potential or otherwise not take you on as a mentee.


Why be a Good Mentor?

  • Satisfaction in knowing you had an impact on someone's professional and personal development

  • Develop leadership skills and build confidence

  • A link with "the younger generation"  

  • Get a fresh perspective from your mentee  

  • Recruit students and increase productivity

  • Help develop your professional network

  • Receive recognition from peers and superiors

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Benefits of Mentoring :

          Mentoring can benefit the mentee, the mentor and the organization within which they work.

          Benefits of Mentors may include:     

  • Developing skills in coaching, modeling, and listening 

  • Enhanced self-esteem through recognition of professional abilities

  • Increasing organizational knowledge, especially from the viewpoint of the mentee

  • Developing and demonstrating management skills

  • Enhancing leadership skills

  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction in assisting a more junior colleague to develop

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Enhancing interpersonal skills

The benefits to an organization in which mentoring relationships are encouraged and supported include:

  • Retention and development of talented staff

  • A cost-effective way of developing employees' skills

  • Developing potential leaders internally with good organizational knowledge

  • Utilization and advancement of staff within the organization

  • Increased productivity from staff who feel motivated and supported

  • Enhanced relations amongst staff

A Final Word...

          However, having a good and productive mentor relationship with the right person will give you both huge benefits. If you think this will be helpful to your reading and development, then it is best to spend time finding the right mentor.



          That's all about Mentoring. I hope you will understand and now you have a brief idea about itSo friends how is this article, if you have any doubt about any part of mentoringplease do comment in the comment box💬  and if you like this article then please share it with your dear and near ones.

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