Table Manners, List of Table Manners

Table Manners :

     Hello, friends wassup, hope you are all well, In this article, I am going to discuss Table Manners, it's guidelines, some mistake and many more. Please read this full article.

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Table Manners


   Table Manners are actions and behavior considered to be polite or socially correct when eating a meal with other people.

Some common Table Manners :

   1. Sit up straight. Try not to slouch or lean back in your chair (even if you are playing cards and don't want you, opponents, to see your hand).

     2. Don't speak with your mouth full of foods. Sure, you have heard your mother say it a hundred times, but no one likes to see a ball of masticated meat in your mouth. If you feel you must speak immediately if you have only a relatively small bite, tuck it into your cheek with your tongue and speak briefly.

     3. Chew quietly, and try not to slurp. This is a corollary of rule/ number 2. Making noises is not only unappetizing, and distracting, but it can also interrupt the flow of conversation. 

     4.  Don't wave utensils in the air, especially the knives, or if they have food on them. In addition to the danger of throwing glasses on your date, peeling a waiter, or producing a pea, it is a sign of over-excitement that may be unnecessary to attendees.
   Generosity is appreciated, but unreasonable enthusiasm goes well beyond the limits of good table manners.

     5. Keep your elbows off the table. You may have heard it from your mother, but in the context of intimate eating, it is an important rule.

   Elbows take up table space and can be a menace to knocking plates or glasses. Elbows on the table give you something to lean on and tend to lull you into slouching.
   If you must lean on the table a good tactic is to take a roll or piece of bread into your free hand and rest part of your forearm on the table.

     6. Don't reach. You don't want to be in the way of people eating or talking. Not only is it as impolite as standing in front of a TV with other people behind you, but there is always the possibility of upsetting glasses or running your sleeve through someone's mashed potatoes.

     7. Don't forget please and thank you. These are handy words in most situations but especially vital at the table where common courtesies are notified by everyone present. 

     8. Excuse yourself when leaving the table. You do not want people to feel that you are tired of their company If you must leave the table, your excuse seems to be a bit obvious and pressing.
   You want to leave people with the impression that you're at the table talking to them rather than doing anything else, but the point is stressing that it must be presented at once.

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Table Manners Guidelines :

     1. Dishes are passed counterclockwise (to the person on your right)

       2. If someone on the far side asks you something to be passed, and you want some when it goes by you, it's okay to help yourself as it goes by as long as you don't get the last serving.

       3. If you are a guest at a dinner party, it's a good idea to wait until the hostess offers seconds

       4. Serving dishes and pitchers with handles should be passed with the handle towards the person serving it.

       5. Remember to say " please" and "thank you".

       6. If you are serving a table, then serve from left and remove from the right.

       7. If you must leave before the others have finished, always say, "May I be excused, please?" Then say, "I enjoyed it" to the hostess.

       8. Contribute your share to a polite conversation (not illness, dental work, or death).

       9. If something is in your mouth that you need to discard, whether it's a bone, seed, or whatever, spit it very delicately into your fork or palm and quickly place it on the edge of the plate.

     Do not spit it into your napkin.

      10. If it happens to be a bug or a hair, quietly discard it under the table. No need to spoil everyone's meal.
          If in a restaurant, notify the waiter.

      11. Don't use a toothpick or pick your teeth with your fingers at the table. Go to the restroom if you can't wait.

      12. Sit erect with your feet on the floor and not on the furniture.

      13. Never sprawl your legs out far enough under the table to encroach upon the territory of others.

      14. Never blow your food to cool it.

      15. Never serve yourself with your own silverware.

      16. Keep your hands in the lap when you are not eating.

      17. Do not talk when food in your mouth.

      18. When you are chewing something, please close your lips at that time.

      19. If you have a spill :

               a.  In a home say " I am sorry". Help if needed.
               b.  In a restaurant called the waiter.

      20. Wait until you have swallowed your food to take a drink.

      21. Don't push back your plate when finished. Wait until it is removed or you clear it.

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 Some Common Table Manners mistake :

          1. Talking with food in your mouth and chewing with your mouth open.

          2. Picking your teeth.

          3. Leaving your purse, sunglasses, cell phones, or eyeglasses on the table.

         4. Using cell phones and pagers while dining.

         5. Elbows on the table.

        6. Eating too fast or too slow.

        7. Pushing away from the plate or bowl when finished dining.

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     That's it. I hope you will understand and now you have a brief idea about Table Manners

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