MCC, What is mcc , full form of mcc

MCC , What is mcc , full form of mcc

MCC, What is mcc , full form of mcc : 

     Hello friends, In this article now I am going to discuss about MCC , full details of MCC.
     In Internet world MCC is the abbreviation form of many different different types of things such like cricket ground , medical committee etc. Basically here we described the all form of MCC.

                       Marylebone Cricket Club, founded in 1787, which has its headquarters at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.

Marylebone Cricket Club

                             motor control center is a main center or store  to control some or all electric motors in a central location.

                         This is a medical counselling committee included in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare . In the above linked website candidates will be capable for medical and dental sit counselling.
  • 4. MCC : Merchant’s Credit Card
                          This is a special type of credit card for E-commerce or POS businessman.

Merchant credit card

  • 5. MCC : Mobile Country Code
                        The Mobile Country Code is a three digit code that is used in combination with a Mobile Country Code to identify a mobile network operator uniquely.

The others full forms are : 

  • 6.   Modem Control Channel   ---   Computer and Network related
  • 7.  Multiple Channel Card        ---   Networking related 
  • 8.  Mind Change Complexity   ---   Messaging related
  • 9.  Machine Control Computer ---   Computer Hardware related
  • 10. Multiple Conversion Calculator ---  Math related 

    I hope you will understand about different types of  MCC . If you have any question about MCC then, please comment in the comment box.

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