Dress Code in Office

Dress Code in Office

Dress Code in Office : 

     The dress code in Office is most important for an employeeSetting a dress code in the workplace accomplishes several things; it establishes an atmosphere of professionalism and uniformity, eliminates the potential for inappropriate clothing being worn by employees, and allows employees to easily meet expectations.
      The first impressions are lasting images in most people's minds, and competitive markets do not permit us to be lax about how customers perceive our business. Whether we are talking about uniforms, or simply uniform dressing codes, customers appreciated being tender to by professional-looking sales personnel.
Dress Code in Office

Dress Code in Office : 

  • Business-suit, tie, and a pair of well-polished professional shoes(No sneakers, no sandals) with socks for men, no exception.

  • Women have a bit more leeway and can wear skirts as well as nice blouses with pressed trousers, but clothing should be tailored and well-fitting.
Dress Code in Office

  • Avoid too much flashy color, such as an all-neon suit. However, a splash of color in a tie or scarf is appropriate.

  • The style should be classic, with nothing too trendy or obtrusive. For instance, a purple velvet suit is still a suit, but much more appropriate for a televangelist than an investment banker.
Dress Code in Office

  • Accessories such as jewelry must be simple and traditional. Piercings anywhere besides earring for women ( one in each ear) must be removed.

  • Hair should be clean-cut and carefully styled. If facial hair is worn, it should be groomed often and already exist during the work-week ( no growing a beard on a Thursday).
Dress Code in Office
clean-cut and carefully hairstyle

  • Many companies encourage women to wear subtle make-up, however, they cannot legally force you to do so. If you do choose to wear make-up, choose subtle colors, and avoid sparkles or flash.

  • Shoes should be heels for women or dressy flats, and men should wear nice polished shoes.
Dress Code in Office

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