Business Communication

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Business Communication

Business Communication : 

     Careers are often enhanced, or the art of effective business- meeting communication is very much a learnable skill. Here are some important, yet often overlooked, tips on speaking well as a meeting participant.

Here are some tips : 

   1. Keep it Upbeat : 

          Speech tips and body language aside, nothing is more critical to a constructive give-and-take in a meeting than emphasizing the upside. Instead of criticizing, focus on the intrinsic value of what someone else says. A study at the University of Michigan suggests that a preponderance of positive remarks at business meetings genuinely contributes to successful companies. 
          When it's possible, affirm others' ideas by using active and constructive feedback. For example: 'I really like Sunita's idea on how we can use a different approach when responding to customer complaints.' 

   2. Talk to the Entire Group :

          When talking in a group, turn your eyes around and talk to someone who is listening to you. When answering a question, address the group, not just the person who asked the question. That way, everyone feels included.

Business Communication

   3. Reach Out and Encourage Feedback :

         Actively encourage comments and feedback based on what you contribute. This is not just for a good meeting, but it can broaden, broaden and prove your comments.
          Take your point, but open it up for discussion. Call people and ask what they think. The point is not just the participants, but also the facilitators.

   4. Mirror the Tenor of the Meeting :

          Another business meeting basic is establishing a cozy environment where everyone feels comfortable. An effective way to achieve this is to establish consistency in communication. For example, most participants are briefing their comments, do the same.
          If their tone is low and reserved, follow their lead. The point is not to mindlessly mimic but, rather, to affirm and contribute to the overall tenor of the meeting.

Business Communication

   5. Don't be a Time Hog :

          Anyone speaking in a business gathering wants to take enough time to identify and, if need be, dissect the point he's trying to convey. Be thorough, but don't take too long to get your message across that you lose sight of others or worse yet wait for someone to talk to them. If need be, keep an eye on your watch when you have got the floor so a comment meant to be short doesn't stretch into a diatribe.

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   6. When and if Necessary, Take it Offline :

          Do not disarm meetings or end them by going into details that can be addressed at other times. If you make a statement that demands more discussion, tell someone that you will talk about it in more detail at another time. Or solve the problem one by one with the questioner after the meeting.

    7. Be Aware of your Body :

         What you tell others does not come through your mouth. How you say and what you say is equally telling in your ability to share your thoughts with others. 
          Show it by nodding your head, making eye contact, raising your eyebrows and making other gestures that demonstrate that your interest and involvement in the discussion aren't mere lip service.

Business Communication

      That's it. I hope you will understand and now you have a brief idea about Business Communication. So friends how is this article, if you have any doubt about Business Communication, please do comment in the comment box💬  and if you like this article then please share it with your dear and near ones.

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