Business Casual Dress Code

Business Casual Dress Code :

        Choose Business Casual Dress Code is most important for an employeeSetting a casual dress code in the business-place accomplishes several things; it establishes an atmosphere of professionalism and uniformity, eliminates the potential for inappropriate clothing being worn by employees, and allows employees to easily meet expectations.

     First impression are lasting images in most people's mind, and competitive markets do not permit us to be lax about how customers perceive our business. Whether we are talking about uniforms, or simply uniform dressing codes, customers appreciated being tender to by professional looking sales personnel.
Business Casual Dress Code
business casual dress code

Business Casual Dress Code:

  •       Safety fast! Don't wear anything to the business office that could trip you up. Wear shoes with heel styles that you can walk in without looking as though you're doing a balancing act. Consider that you'll be spending eight or more hours in your work shoes, so you don't want to be in agony the entire day.
Business Casual Dress Code

  •      Survey your environment, especially if you are new on the job. Observe what the most successful employees are wearing.  Then select your dress code.

  •      Being known as a team member is very important in most business, so fitting in with others on the team is crucial. Wearing the same type of clothing is one way of letting them know that you are on the team. 
Business Casual Dress Code

  •       Rather than trying to make a fashion statement, keep the emphasis on the tasks at hand. 

  •      You want to be known for your great work, not for your body. So, no matter whether you are working in a very casual or very formal office , go to work covered.
  •      Below-the-knee skirts, no visible cleavage, covered arms, stockings, and even covered toes are appropriate for ultra-conservative offices.
  •      A suit or a dress with a jacket is a good choice to wear in a formal office.
Business Casual Dress Code

  •      Accessorize with jewelry and a good hand-bag, but save the sparkle for evening out. You don't want to look like a Christmas tree! keep jewelry proportional to your small stature very large or chunky pieces may seem overwhelming on petites.
  •      You should also avoid certain items. Take off your sunglasses when you are indoors and at night.
  •      When you meet with a client you are allowed to be "business casual" if the circumstances call for it, but you should always be dressed either the same, or better than the client.
Business Casual Dress Code

  •      If your client is wearing a suit, and you will look totally out of place if you are not in a suit, too, then by all means, wear a suit. Don't forget nice clean shoes and a conservative tie.
  •      Always be well groomed. Make sure you shower, clip your fingernails, comb or brush your hair and brush your teeth.
Business Casual Dress Code

  •      Non-traditional piercings, such as nose or tongue should be removed. Tattoos should be covered.
Business Casual Dress Code

     That's the today's topic "Business Casual Dress Code" . I hope if you follow these codes , you will improve yourself in office or business related workplace.

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