Best Color Combinations in 2019


Color Combinations : 

          Color Combinations plays an important part in professional image. Traditional career colors include Red(aggressive), Navy(trustworthy), Gray(conservative) and Black(chic). Most of the colors work well in pantsuits, skirts and shoes and mix back with softer feminine colors that are appropriate like ice blue, lilac, soft pink and ivory. Loud colors like hot pink and wild prints are much riskier in the office, but some creative types can still pull them off.
Best Color Combinations in 2019
Best Color Combinations in 2019

 Best Color Combination to wear in office :

     1. Moss Green : Light green with a yellow or blue base is refreshing. It is a soothing color that won't make you sleepy; choose a medium green color or sage to stay in productive mode all day long.

Best Color Combinations in 2019
Moss green
     2. Light Orange : Orange is an energizing color that evokes excitement, creativity and happiness. you will need to stick with a light orange palette to achieve the most benefits of this color, and it can be especially valuable for those who need to stay peppy and energetic throughout the day.

Best Color Combinations in 2019
Light Orange
     3. Beige or Off White : Beige or cream colors are very simple and calm. they are perfect to be worn in office.
Best Color Combinations in 2019
Beige or Off White
     4. Gray : Gray may sound like a boring choice, but it's a neutral color that can be enhanced with browns, black and white easily. And, it's a soothing and calm color that won't trigger any strong emotions.
Best Color Combinations in 2019
     5. Pale Blue : Pale blue has a very calming and soothing effect on the senses, and can help you stay focused and productive for long periods of time. Look for light blues such as eggshell or sky blue, and accentuate it with navy, cream colored or dark blue.

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Best Color Combinations in 2019
Pale Blue
     6. Light Brown : A light cocoa or chocolaty brown color can stir your senses and create an earthy, nature-inspired ambience. this color also creates a feeling of being 'grounded', strong and resilient.
Best Color Combinations in 2019
Light Brown
     7. Magenta : If you are working in the creative field, magenta can spark your creativity and keep you motivated. magenta contains shades of purple, red and pink, and is a rich and powerful color that can enhance concentration and help you focus on creative projects for longer periods of time.

Best Color Combinations in 2019
          8. Olive : If you're the studious type and need to concentrate for hours at a time, olive is a great color to support your energy level. This slightly dark and rich color is also a neutral, earthy tone that can be complemented easily with black, brown and cocoa-color.

Best Color Combinations in 2019

     Now that you’ve read through our list of the Best Color Combinations in 2019, it’s time to decide how you’re going to use these color combinations! Maybe you’re trying to create a brand logo, design a social media post, pick a new dress or painting your wall. Whatever you’re creating, we hope that this list has given you the inspiration you need to choose the most suitable colors.

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