Ego , Ego meaning , What is EGO

Ego , Ego meaning , What is EGO :

Ego , Ego meaning , What is EGO
  •      EGO is being shy and not wanting to talk to people. It is a fear of what others might think  of you.
  •      It is not allowing yourself to learn and grow for fear of responsibility that comes with that.
  •      It is the lack of trust towards people because your trust has been violated.
  •      EGO is thinking nobody can do better than you.
  •      EGO is the inability to accept that you need help.
  •      EGO is pride. EGO is a victim. 
Ego , Ego meaning , What is EGO

          The EGO is that part in us which feeds off praise, compliments and success. When we live in the EGO we are inevitably subject to feelings of superiority / inferiority, pride and worthlessness, success and failure. If we want to avoid these negative emotions we need to transcend the EGO. If we can transcend the EGO, we will find that people are instinctively more attracted to us, even though we are no longer trying to impress. It may seem a great paradox, yet, limiting the role of our EGO can make a radical difference to our lives.

Ego , Ego meaning , What is EGO

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